Mastering The Illusion


Marc Ajax

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Course Overview

Learn how to always be in control of every note in your voice – sing Like A Stone and Man In The Box today, learn compression scientifically and much, much more!

What You'll Learn?

  • Go back and forth between two laryngeal mechanisms without anyone noticing
  • Expand your vocal range that sounds "connected" as much as you desire
  • A brand new term for "register blending" that will make communication way clearer for future courses
  • Fixing the passage of the voice easily
  • A mathematical understanding of compression to produce thicker sounding notes with even less effort
  • Singing Man In The Box
  • Singing Like A Stone
  • Singing The Messenger
  • A loud (at least loud-ish) M2 sound, achieved in the previous course ("Instant Mixed Voice")

Course Content

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    Such a amazing course this was one of my favs so far I can’t wait for the rest

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